• Self Generation of Fund Programmes

Self Generation of Funds Programme 1/2/3 Days

Some basic trends indicating the way our society appears to be going in the next couple of decades are emergence of knowledge society, emergence of socially concerned humanistic society. In this society performance is based on knowledge and intelligence. The intellectual labour will naturally aspire for intrinsic motivation from management so that their high level needs can be actualized. The excellence in this sector will depend on the self-awareness about one’s own feeling, understanding of relationship, development of competence. A realistic evaluation of one’s internal states leads to impulse control, stress tolerance, trustworthiness, conscientiousness and adaptability. In order to manage performance in knowledge based industry, vision, mission, strategy assume paramount importance. Going back to fundamental, “Door Dristi” and “Dirgh Dristi” are essential for achieving excellence in this sector of our economy. In order to combat the destructive impact of globalization in India a resurgence of values, morality and ethics in thinking and doing are inescapable if the industries are to survive and to excel for excellence. In order to tune with the global requirement, mindset has to be one of acceptance rather than rejection to reap the benefits of globalization. The human psychology has to be conditioned in such a way that this will not only enable them to face the present challenges with dignity but will prepare them for future.

The management of attitudes, habits, ways of thinking, expectations and values require a managerial excellence. In the perspective to unearth the potentials within, the Central Board for Workers Education has introduced a special programme of 1/2/3 days duration for which a nominal fee is charged while all the other programmes of CBWE are offered free of cost.

Programmes fees details:

Sr.No. Duration Training fee No. of Participants Charge per extra participant i.e. above 20 Nos.
01 1 Day Rs 12,000 20 Rs 600 per participant
02 2 Days Rs 20,000 20 Rs 1,000 per participant
03 3 Days Rs 30,000 20

Rs 1,500 per participant


A Demand Draft for the said amount in favour of THE DIRECTOR, CENTRAL BOARD FOR WORKERS EDUCATION, payable at NAGPUR should be sent along with the programme request application and list of participants to the respective Regional Directorates.