• Special Programme on Labor Welfare Development (2 Days)

Labour Welfare Development Program 2 Days

Labour Welfare Development, a programme of 2 days duration has been chalked out by the Central Board for Workers Education for the labourers in the Unorganised sector. “Intelligent participation in social and economic development” infuses the spirit of internal perfection through different educational process. The Indian from all walks of life, from every corner of our country should be attached to a psychological bond and must have same mental makeup.  Only then they can merge towards excellence. The Central Board for Workers Education has helped the labourers in the unorganized sector in making their psychological set up in their relentless strives for excellence through these 2 days programme on Labour Welfare Development.

The objective of this programme is

To generate the desired awareness among the unorganized sector labour to know their Rights and Entitlements under various welfares schemes launched by the Central/State Governments for their amelioration.

To help them understand the importance of working and their contribution towards the Gross Domestic Product.



Unorganized workers

Rural workers.   

Micro entrepreneurs of SHG’s.


Criteria Conditions
Total no. of Participants 40 nos
Age group between 18-45

At the end of the 2 day of the programme, each participant will be paid a sum of @ Rs 200 per day through Direct Debit Transfer in the respective accounts of the participants.

Based on the Problems / needs identified by the Education Officer, the topics to be discussed are chalked out by the Education Officer in charge of the Programme. The Education Officer of CBWE conducts sessions on the required topics. In addition to this experts from the respective fields / Govt. officials from the concerned departments viz.  Labour Welfare Officer, Family Planning Association, Doctors from Govt. Hospitals [to conduct health camps] etc. are also invited to deliver talks and interacts with the participants.