• Vision and Mission
DTNBWED erstwhile CBWE dedicates itself in creation of values in training and education to promote inclusive growth, harmony and sustainability in all segments of workforces and social partners of production and services in organized, rural and unorganized sectors for igniting the minds of learners in their fields of accomplishment.


To develop patriotism among the workforce of India with commitment to communal harmony and national integration.
To develop greater understanding of the issues concerning the society for equipping those to shoulder higher level responsibilities and intelligent participation of the workforce in the socio-economic and cultural development of the nation. 
To build the competence of the trade unions through enlightened members to instill sensitive and responsible internal leadership and to ensure that workers education becomes a cardinal feature of trade union functions. 
To strengthen the workforce in rural, organized and unorganized sectors by imparting knowledge, information, skill, tools, techniques and support to form co-operative societies, self-help groups and other forms of self employment and livelihood promotions for contributing intelligently to the overall development and inclusive growth of the nation. 
To bring out dormant creative capacities of each from within the workforce by encouraging scientific thinking and awakening spiritual powers to lead a value based life, which will take them to the level of self-actualization.
To continually improve the competence of the employees of DTNBWED through training, communication, research, consultancy, ethical practices, and by reaching people to be capable of carrying out the activities of international standards.