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Organised Sector

Sr. No. Name of Topic Download
1. Code on Wages Download (English)
2. Industrial Relations Code Download (English)
3. Social Security Code Download (English)
4. Four Fold Duties of a Worker Download (English)
5. House Keeping - 5S Download (English)
6. Sexual Harrasement at Work Download (English)
7 Art of Parenting Download (English)
8 Cost Control and Waste Management Download (English)
9 Creativity and Innovation Download (English)
10 Futuristic Leadership Download (English)
11 Human Rights Download (English)
12. Serve with Smile Download (English)
13. The Industrial Relations Code 2020 Download (English)



Unorganised and Rural Sector

Sr. No. Name of Topic Download
1. Literature for Shramik Chaupal Download (English)
2. Schemes and Programmes for unorganised sector workers Download (English)
3. SHG AND LIVELIHOOD Download (English)
4 Digital Financial Transactions Download (English)
5 Digital Literacy Download (English)
6 Financial literacy and Govt Schemes Download (English)
7 Scope and benefits of Building and other Construction Workers under BOCW Act Download (English)