• Objectives of the Board



The Aims and Objectives of Dattopant Thengadi National Board for Workers Education and Development are as under - 



To stimulate and promote education and development programs for workers of organised and unorganised sectors;


To implement the recommendations contained in the Report on Workers Education (copy attached), as endorsed at the 15th Session of Indian Labour Conference at its meeting held on 11th and 12th July, 1957;


To organise informative and educational programmes in educational institutions, including universities, schools, vocational education or training institutions, distance learning universities and like other institutions), inter alia, on the following topics, namely: -



Social dialogue and solidarity economy;



Union-management relations and knowledge of the industry; capacity building of management for productivity enhancement, improvement in worker-management relation;



Capacity Building and Training of Trainers Programmes for Federations, Trade Union leaders and workers or Employees or both of Industries, establishments and offices; both organized and unorganized sectors;



Consultancy, research and monitoring;



Code of Discipline as ratified in the Sixteenth Session of the Indian Labour Conference held at Nainital on 19th and 20th of May, 1958;



Holistic individual development of workers;


To provide for Training of Trainers and programme administration for full and part-time assignment;


Publishing and Distribution of Curriculum and Resource Development materials, in regional languages.


To take up individually or collaborate with such initiatives of Governmental or Non-Governmental Bodies or Institutions that are meant to: -



facilitate access to information and resources related to social security, to offer guidance, and support services to workers seeking assistance and in accessing Government schemes, social security benefits, schemes-based advocacy and registration programs or camps;



enhance employability; chance of getting wage or self- employment and; income or income generating opportunities of any individual or a group of people.



leverage modern technologies and innovative strategies to empower the workers by providing them access to information, education and opportunities.



Create and manage digital platform and mobile applications aimed at enhancing the employability and livelihood prospects of unorganized and migrant workers.



Promote financial inclusion by partnering with financial institutions and providing access to mobile banking services, microcredit facilities and savings initiatives.



Facilitate peer-to-peer support groups where experienced workers guide and mentor those with less knowledge, encourage sharing of practical and life experiences;


To purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire any land, building, or other such property, movable or immovable wherever situated in India, which may be necessary for carrying on the functions of the Society;


To invest funds or moneys entrusted to the Society in such a manner as may, from time to time, be determined by the Central Government;


To draw, accept, make, endorse, discount and deposit Government of India and other promissory notes, bills of exchange, cheques, or other negotiable instruments for the purpose of the society;


To make rules and regulations for the conduct to meetings and affairs of the Society and to adopt and vary them from time to time;


To regulate the expenditure and manage the accounts of Society:


To sale, exchange, lease or otherwise dispose of all or any portion of the properties of the Society, movable or immovable, on such terms, as may be determined by the Government of India, in the Ministry of Labour and Employment;


To raise and borrow money on bonds, mortgages, promissory notes or other obligations, or securities founded or based upon all or any of the properties and assets of the Society or without any securities, upon such terms and conditions as may be determined by the Government of India, and to pay, out of the funds of the Society, all expenses of and incidental to the raising of money and to repay and redeem any money borrowed;


To make such rules and byelaws as it may, from time to time, consider to be necessary for regulating the management of the affairs of the Society; and


To do all other acts and things as the Society may consider necessary, conducive or incidental to the attainment or enlargement of the aforesaid objects or any one of them.