• Objectives of the Board


Objectives of the Board

1) To strengthen among all sections of the working class, including rural workers, a sense of     patriotism, national integrity, unity, amity, communal harmony, secularism and pride in being an Indian.
2) To equip all sections of workers, including rural workers and women workers, for their intelligent participation in social and economic development of the nation in accordance with its declared objectives.
3) To develop amongst the workers a greater understanding of the problems of their social and economic environment, their responsibilities towards family members, and their rights and obligations as citizens, as workers in industry and as members and officials of trade union.
4) To develop capacity of workers in all aspects to meet the challenges of the country from time to time.
5) To develop strong, united and more responsible trade unions and to strengthen democratic processes and traditions in the trade union movement through more enlightened members and better trained officials.
6) To empower the workers as employees of the organization and to develop sense of belongingness as effective instruments of amicable industrial relations and maintaining industrial peace.
7) To meet the needs of workers to have access to ways of acquiring and continuous up gradation of knowledge and skills that they require to find and hold a job



Rural Workers Education

1) To promote among rural workers, critical awareness of the problems of their socio-economic environment and their privileges and obligations as workers, as members of the village community and as citizens.
2) To educate the rural workers to enhance their self-confidence and build-up a scientific attitude.
3) To educate rural workers in protecting and promoting their individual and social interests.
4) To educate rural workers in developing their organizations through which they can fulfill socio-    economic functions and responsibilities in rural economy and strengthen democratic, secular, and socialist fiber of rural society. Hence motivating rural workers for family welfare planning  and to  combat social evils.