Indian Institute of Workers Education

The Indian Institute of Workers Education (IIWE), Mumbai was established in the year 1970 by the Dattopant Thengadi National Board for Workers Education and Development  (Erstwhile Central Board for Workers Education). The IIWE, being the apex training institute, organizes a variety of training programmes such as in-house training programmes for Board’s Officials, specialized courses and seminars for the representatives of Central Trade Union Organizations/ Federations and their affiliated Associations working in the field.

The primary aim of establishing the Indian Institute of Workers Education is to enable the Board to conduct National Level training programmes for achieving its objectives, to develop stronger and more responsible trade unions, to promote the growth of democratic process in trade union administration, to equip labour to take its place in a democratic society, to inculcate in them ‘nation first’ approach based on commonality of interests.

The Institute offers specialized training programmes for labour. It has a research wing for developing and perfecting methods and tools of teaching for workers.  It conducts in-house training programmes for the officials of the Board. The institute serves as a demonstration and information center and acts as a nucleus around which specialized schemes for training and education to labour and management are designed. It also serves as a knowledge bank for Regional and Sub-Regional Directorates of the Board.

One of the main functions of the Institute is to conduct pre-employment courses for Education Officers and refresher and special courses for Regional Directors, Education Officers and staff from time to time. The institute is designed to function as an interdisciplinary training center. It further draws upon the experiences of foreign countries in implementation of workers education programmes and adapts them to fit in the Indian environment. The institution, in the past, had also catered to the educational needs of labour educators from Afro-Asian countries sponsored by the I.L.O.

The IIWE has a Managing Committee of Tripartite character to plan and direct all academic activities of the institute. At present the Deputy Director (Training) acts as the Head of the Institute. The Institute functions under the overall supervision of the Director General, DTNBWED.


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