• Special Programme for Parents of Child Labour (2 d

Special Seminar for Parents of Child Labor (2 Day)

In India, the problem of child labour is well recognized. Children are engaged in various types of work including those that are classified as ‘hazardous’.  Although there are inter-state and inter-regional variations in India, the factors that generate child labour in general, and hazardous child labour in particular, are basically similar and revolve around poverty, lack of access to quality education, demographic pressure, social exclusion etc. Though every child has the right to get Education, they are denied of the same and at very tender age are forced / compelled to work.

The  CBWE has chalked out a unique programme targeting the Parents of Child Labour and Child Labour themselves.  The main objective of the programme is to make the parents of child labour realize that education of their child should be given top priority. As well as make the child realize that going to work at this tender age will definitely hamper their physical and psychological health. After conducting the programme, the Education Officers have continuous follow up with the Transit Schools to ensure that theses children are enrolled in the main stream of education. The Education Officers have a wide network with NGOs and other social organizations to ensure that working children discontinue their work and go to Transit schools.

This programme aims at :

Motivating a broad alliance of partners to acknowledge and act against Child Labour.

Carrying out a situational analysis to find out about Child Labour problems in the country.

Assisting with developing and implementing National Policies on Child Labour programmes.

Strengthening existing organizations and setting up Institutional mechanism.

Creating awareness on the problem nation wide, in communities and work places.

Promoting the development and application of protective legislation.

Supporting direct action with potential child workers for demonstration purposes.

Replicating and expanding successful projects in to the programmes of partners.

Mainstreaming Child Labour issues into socio-economic policies, programmes and budgets.

 Participants: Parents of Child Labor


Criteria Conditions
Total no. of Participants 40 Nos


At the end of the 2 day of the programme, each participant will be paid a sum of @ Rs 200 per day through Direct Debit Transfer in the respective accounts of the participants.

In consultation with the coordinating body, the topics to be discussed are chalked out by the Education Officer in charge of the Programme. The Education Officer of CBWE conducts sessions on the required topics. In addition to this Govt. officials from the pertaining departments (NCLP), Enforcing Officers from Abolition and Regulation of Child Labour Wing, Women & Child Development Corporation, Field Publicity Office, Transit School teachers, Social activists, Doctors from Govt. Hospitals [to conduct health camps] etc. are also invited to deliver talks.