• Unit Level Classes

Unit Level Classes

Education has become inevitable in this fast changing knowledge era. Today every worker needs to be made aware and updated of these changes. This can be achieved only through continuous training, which our vast workforce is not easily accessible to. Under these prevailing circumstances, CBWE has designed a three-tier system of training to make workers education accessible to all workers. Under the three-tier system, Education officers are selected and undergo a 6 months extensive training on a gambit of topics. They constitute the first tier of the system. On their successful completion of the training they impart training to worker trainers who constitute the second tier of the system. The Unit Level Class is the third stage where the trained worker trainers impart education to their Co-workers in the respective organization.


The classes are conducted by the Worker Trainer on a FULL TIME basis or on a PART TIME basis as per the needs of the organization. In the part time programme, the classes are conducted for 45 Days at their respective organizations. These Classes are conducted for 1 hour daily. This ULC is conducted under the supervision and guidance of the Education Officers of the respective Regional Directorates of CBWE. He inspects the classes as and when required to help worker trainers and monitors the activity. The participants are also given study material prepared by the Education Officer during the Classes. The worker trainer is also paid honorarium for conducting classes.


After the conclusion of the ULC the participants are taken for an Educational Tour During these tours, the participants are taken to different industries at various places (within or outside their states) for their learning experiences. The Railway concession is also available for these Education tours of CBWE.


Criteria for conducting the programme:

Interested Managements / Trade unions shall submit a letter of requisition through their Worker Trainers by e-mail/post to the respective Regional Directorates of CBWE well in advance.

On receipt of the same the respective Regional Directorates shall confirm the dates and communicate the same to the interested party.

Total number of Participants per Programme can be Rs25 to Rs30.