• Special Programme for Unorganised Workers (2 days)

Special Seminar for Unorganised Workers (2 Days)

The Board conducts 2 days Special seminar for workers of Unorganized sector in order to develop awareness among them about their socio-economic problems and equip them for developing their own organizations..

The objective of this programme is

To enlighten the workers in the unorganized sector about their rights and entitlements  

Social security measures existing under various labour laws.  

To help them understand the need to be organized.  

To create awareness among workers to accept what is good and reject what is bad.  

To give inputs in thinking which is the nucleus of creativity.



Workers  working in the Unorganised sector.


Criteria Conditions
Total no. of Participants 40 Nos
Age group between 18-45


At the end of the 2 day of the programme, each participant will be paid @ Rs 200 per day through Direct Debit Transfer in the respective accounts of the participants.

Based on the Problems identified by the Education Officer, CBWE in consultation with the local body, the topics to be discussed are charted out by the Education Officer in charge of the Programme. The Education Officer of CBWE conducts sessions on the required topics. In addition to this experts from the respective fields / Govt. officials from the pertaining departments viz. Small Scale Industries, labour officers, doctors from Govt. Hospitals [to conduct health camps] E.S.I., Employees Provident Fund etc. are also invited to deliver talks.