• Rural Sector

Rural Sector


Workers covered in the Rural Sector are from the rural areas. The workers in this sector are mainly engaged in agriculture activities. CBWE is conducting programmes for the workers in this sector from 1977. The various categories of workers covered in this sector includes landless labours, agriculture and marginal farmers, fisheries labours, rural artisans, forest labour, educated unemployees, tribal labours, plantation workers etc.


Procedure For Conducting Program: 

Local Village Administration/ Panchayats/NGOs/Social organizations/Social Volunteers etc shall submit a request for conducting the programme to the respective Regional Directorate of CBWE along with the survey identifying the problems and felt need of the villagers.    



Based on the Problems identified by the Education Officer, the topics to be discussed are chalked out by the Education Officer in charge of the Programme. The Education Officer of CBWE conducts sessions on the required topics. In addition to this experts from the respective fields / Govt. officials from the pertaining departments viz. DRDA, BDO, Women Development Corporation, AIDS control society are also invited to deliver talks.