• Empowerment Camp for Rural Sector (4 day)

Empowerment Camp for Rural Workers (4 day)

CBWE since the year 2003 has implemented 4 days Empowerment Camp for rural workers in order to sustain effect of the Training Programmes at Block Level.  This programme is of residential nature wherein the participants are made to stay for the entire duration. The objective behind this is to bring a change in the attitude and mindsets, to initiate and sensitize/enable them to look at alternatives and better possibilities for their overall development. The end of the programme should lead to initiation of concerted action for further development process.

These programmes are conducted with the help of local Village Administration/ Panchayats/NGOs/Social organizations/Social Volunteers etc.  


Rural workers .

Rural artisans.

Unemployed rural youths etc.

After the cpmplition of the programme, each participant will be paid a sum of @ Rs 200 per day through Direct Debit Transfer to the Aadhar Linked account of the participants.

Being residential in nature, after the classroom sessions various group/cultural activities like Group exercises / Group games / Debates / Group presentations / Dance & Drama etc. are conducted. This induces a spirit of togetherness and strengthens a feeling of solidarity among the participants.