• Special Programme on Panchayati Raj (2 Days)

Panchayati Raj institutes are village level local government. They play a significant role in the development of villages. In the Panchayati Raj system Gram Sabha is the basic and primary body. It is like village assembly consisting of all the registered voters within the area of the panchayat. It is three tier system at village, intermediate and district levels. The members are elected directly and the chairpersons to the intermediate and the district levels are elected indirectly.

DTNBWED conducts 2 days special programmes for the representatives of the Panchayats. The objective of the programme is to make rural population aware about the importance of Gram Sabha to fulfill their basic rights aspiration and to avail the benefits of various Government’s Welfare Schemes implemented in their areas. These two days awareness programmes of DTNBWED also focuses on imparting information on various other issue in rural areas such as creation of Self Help Groups, primary education, health, agricultural developments, women and child development and women participation in local government, etc.