• Unorganised Sector

The unorganised sector, covers most of the rural labour and a substantial part of urban labour. lt includes activities carried out by small and family enterprises, partly or wholly with family labour. In this sector wage-paid labour is largely non-unionised due to casual and seasonal nature of employment and scattered location of enterprises. This sector is marked by low incomes, unstable and irregular employment, and lack of protection either from legislation or trade unions. The unorganised sector uses mainly labour intensive and indigenous technology. The workers in  unorganised sector, are so scattered that the implementation of the Legislation is very inadequate and ineffective. There are hardly any unions in this sector to act as watch-dogs. But the contributions made by the unorganised sector to the national income, is very substantial as compared to that of the organised sector. It adds more than 60% to the national income while the contribution of the organised sector is almost half of that depending on the industry.

CBWE is conducting the training programmes from 1978 for the workers working in unorganized sector and small scale industries with a view to develop awareness about their problems, difficulties and protective labour laws at work place and help them in finding solutions as well as equip them in developing their own organisations. The training programmes are conducted for 2/4 days duration for various categories of workers working in industries such as handloom, powerloom, Kkadi industries, sericulture, coir, beedi, salt workers, rag pickers, cine workers, ship breaking workers etc.


Procedure For Conducting Program: 

Unorganised workers labour union / Local Village Administration/ Panchayats /NGOs / Social organizations/Social Volunteers/ women associations/ SC/ST welfare associations etc shall submit a request for conducting the programme to their respective Regional Directorates of CBWE along with the survey identifying the problems and felt need of the villagers.   



Based on the Problems identified by the Education Officer, CBWE in consultation with the local body, the topics to be discussed are charted out by the Education Officer in charge of the Programme. The Education Officer of CBWE conducts sessions on the required topics. In addition to this experts from the respective fields / Govt. officials from the pertaining departments in related areas . viz. Small Scale Industries, labour officers, Women Development Corporation, Women Commission, Family Planning Association, Enforcing Officers from Abolition and Regulation of Child Labour Wing, Women & Child Development Corporation, Field Publicity Office, Transit School teachers, Social activists doctors from Govt. Hospitals [to conduct health camps] E.S.I., Employees Provident Fund etc. are also invited to deliver talks and interact with the participants ( please refer individual program for details).