• Training Of Trainers Programme (TOT)

Training of Trainers 10 Days

Competitiveness has become to economics what gravity is to physics…like gravity, it is a force that one cannot escape. Though competitiveness of firms is critical, firms do not operate in vacuum.


Workers constitute the most important resource for overall national growth and development. To contribute productively towards the process of economic growth as well as share the gains from such growth, there is a need to strive for higher labour standards. The approaches to enhance labour standards range from hard law – legislative thrust – and soft law – voluntary codes and campaigns. The capabilities can be elevated to a higher platform only through education and training, a process standard which allows the labour force to move in stages with flexibility to pursue higher standards gradually. Today our large workforce faces the problem of access to workers education.


DTNBWED has designed Training of Trainers course so that every worker gets access to education and training. The Training of Trainers [TOT] course of DTNBWED is one of long-term training programmes, which is conducted for 10 days. The main aim of the course is to develop in-house trainers in organizations so that they can in turn take over their responsibilities of training their co-workers.


During the programme the are participants selected from various organisations and are trained on all aspects of their work and Family life. More stress is laid in developing their training and educating skills. After successful completion of the course, depending upon the outcome of the results of the examination they are awarded certificates and are called as ‘WORKER TRAINERS’. These worker trainers conduct Unit Level Classes (ULC).