• Joint Education Programme

Joint Education Programme

The Central Board for Workers Education conducts 2/ 3 days “Joint Education Programme” for the representatives of Trade unions and Managements who come together for a purposeful dialogue on selected issues with a view to promote congenial Industrial Relation climate. This programme aims at making the workers realize their duties and responsibilities towards their work & organization and convince the management about the rights of the workers, there by creating a conducive atmosphere. During these programmes the effects of New Economic Policy viz. Liberalization, Privatization & Globalization are discussed with the participants.

The underlying objective of the programme is to make both the Workers and Management respect the sentiments of each other and make them realize that both are like the two wheels of the chariot. Only if their thinking and working synchronize, will the chariot (Growth & prosperity of the Organization) move towards progress.


The growth of one is interdependent on the growth of the other. Such training programmes enable the management and the workers to adapt themselves quickly to the fast changes in the changing economic scenario and develop a new work culture of mutual trust and Total Employee Involvement and thereby create a conducive atmosphere for improving productivity, quality in products and services.


This has facilitated the workers to play a positive and effective role in the socio-economic changes that are taking place to boost up the Productivity and to enable them to participate effectively in the decision making process.