• Need Based Seminar (2 Days)

Need Based Seminar 2 Days

Since the introduction of the New Economic Policy and Liberalisation in the Trade Policy, the factors such as Privatization, Globalisation, and Restructuring have changed the national scenario and put the domestic industries into tight situation in the global competition. Survival is possible only when industries are able to improve their competitive edge in terms of Quality, Cost dependability etc. To achieve the above the managements are keen in imparting training to their workers after identifying their training needs.


Depending upon the needs identified by the Management / Trade Unions, The Central Board for Workers Education conducts 2days “Need Based Seminars” to provide in-depth and updated knowledge on topics of importance to Trade Unions and Managements..The objective of the programme is to impart training in line with the needs identified by the Managements / Trade Unions.